The special composition enhanced with purple micro pigments with anti-yellowing action lightens up to 9 tones in a gradual and balanced way, leaving hair shiny and protected. Enriched with bilberry extract with antioxidant action, it allows a high-performance bleaching minimizing the unwanted yellow effect. Formulation without silica and without titanium dioxide. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Wear disposable plastic protective gloves during all phases of preparation, application and rinsing of the product. Pour the necessary amount (20 to 50 grams), adding the Fanola oxidizing emulsion (dilution 1 + 2) in a non-metallic container. Leave on the hair until the desired level of rinsing is reached. Recommended maximum time of 45 minutes mixing with a spatula or brush to obtain a creamy and homogeneous consistency. For stripes do not apply the product on the skin. It is advisable to apply a barrier cream. Prevent hair from touching your face during exposure time. After the exposure time, rinse your hair well and shampoo it.

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