Fanola Oro Therapy 24k Hydrating Color Mask 250ml

Temporary Hair Colour / Fanola Oro Therapy 24k Hydrating Color Mask 250ml Fanola’s coloring mask is designed to enrich and enhance your hair color. It’s formulated with keratin proteins to rebuild the structure of the hair and prevent or fix damage. And the Argan oil moisturizes the strands to make them smoother and bring out the a greater shine. Choose the color that matches your hair and apply it after washing. Whether you have colored hair, or are still sporting your natural look, this mask is great for brightening up your head and keeping it lively and healthy. Directions of use: After shampooing use disposable gloves and spread the product evenly with a comb on towel-dried or dry hair. Leave on for 3-15 minutes, depending on the intensity of the reflection desired, and rinse carefully. Professionals can use to help color their client’s hair without using the traditional color tubes or developers needed. For home maintenance product can be used in between coloring appointments or if you have blonde or bleached hair. Additionally, these masks can be used to try a fun new color that will last.

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