Glitter at its highest! Its unique and exciting sparkle seduces everyone. Irresistible to the eye, there is no one who does not want to wear. Shake before use and then apply in one or two coats on the base. (It gets its most beautiful glitter in two coats.) The base can be any Flexi member of our gel polish family, or even gel, acrylic or porcelain. Finally, use a flexible light gel. LED: 50s UV: 1min CCFL: 40sq Applying the gel polish: Step 1 - Fluff the nail with a buffer Step 2 - Use Easy Off Prep to prepare the natural nail Step 3 - Apply a thin base coat with Base / Gloss gel varnish or the Flexi Builder family with one of the steps Step 4 - set for 2 minutes in a UV lamp (4x9W) or for 20 seconds in an LED lamp Step 5 - apply a layer of the selected gel lacquer color Step 6 - set for 2 minutes in a UV lamp (4x9W) or for 20 seconds in an LED lamp 7. Step 8 - Apply a second coat of paint Step 8 - Cure for 2 minutes in a UV lamp (4x9W) or 20 seconds in an LED lamp Step 9 - cover the nail Base / Gloss gel varnish with a thin layer or any Mystic Nails flexible fényzselével Step 10 - bond 2 min UV lamp (4x9W) or LED lamp for 20 seconds at step 11. - If Base / Gloss gel lacquer cover in optionally fixed with the nail gel Cleanser fixative removal of the gel varnish: step 1 - very finely grated the gel varnish surface, facilitating easier impregnation of the detaching fluid step 2 - wet a detaching film batt prerecorded Remover in Step 3 - place the embedded cotton wool part of the release foil on the nail, then wrap the aluminum foil around at the end of the fingers, fixing it Step 4 - after 15 minutes, remove the foil, which will also "pull off" the released gel polish about natural nails. Carefully remove any gel varnish left on the surface of the nail from the nail with an orange stick .

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