Contains bearberry extracts Softens dead and damaged cuticle tissue to aid removal Upgrade your manicure supplies with the brilliant Kaeso bearberry smoothie cuticle remover. The excellent Kaeso manicure range is infused with natural products to maintain and restore your body, mind and wellbeing. Gently soften dead and damaged cuticle tissue, prior to removal, with the high quality Kaeso bearberry smoothie cuticle remover. This luxurious cuticle remover will leave your clients fingers feeling refreshed and revitalised. This expertly formulated product contains the bearberry extract, a known, excellent natural astringent. This product is also a great addition to your retail offerings. Also available in 195ml. Add the excellent Kaeso bearberry smoothies cuticle remover to your professional manicure supplies today.

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  • 195ml
  • 495ml

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