Strong and healthy hair looks beautiful in any hairstyle. If you want to ensure proper regeneration of damaged hair, you must try out the mask from the Botugen Hair System series. It contains a Botofile complex which thickens and repairs hair. In addition, the mask effectively reinforces hair from the inside, repairs cuticles, cortex and medulla (core). Thickens and strengthens hair fibre Boosts hair volume Repairs from the inside Conditions hair, smooths it and gives shine pH 4.5 Strengthens hair from the inside Pleasant texture Repairs hair cuticles, cortex and medulla The Botolife complex when in contact with water (which is present in hair) develops particles which create a three-dimensional grid. As a result, hair is thickened and gains a spectacular volume. It penetrates into hair and repairs it from the inside. The mask contains keratin which improves hair conditions, smooths it and makes it shiny. Moreover, it has reinforcing and regenerative properties. How to use: Apply the mask onto towel dried hair. Massage from the roots to the ends. Leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Result: Hair strands have an attractive and energetic look. The mask facilitates detangling, prevents tangled hair, and gives bounce and silky smoothness. Because of similar composition and properties, it is recommended to supplement the care with complementary products from the same series. FANOLA, an Italian successful brand, creates professional hairdressers’ products from hair dying and cleanse to hair care and beauty. Fanola concept is to produce the highest technology at the best possible price and give salons the best technical support. There is a wide range of Fanola products and there is something for everyone. Try Fanola lines: Botugen, Oro Therapy, After Colour, T-Force, Curly Shine, Energy, Frequent, No Yellow, Nutricare, Purity, Rebalance, Sensi Therapy, Keraterm, Smooth Care and Volume. Fanola Botugen is the new line to reconstruct brittle and damaged hair. The Botugen products contain Botolife, a special plant that penetrates into impoverished areas of the hair, filling it with restoring substances and reconstructing damaged hair from the inside. Fanola Botugen Botolife Reconstructive Mask makes hair silky and elastic, reconstructing the hair, strengthening it and making it more resistant.

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