Nude, a brownish, warmer shade of the nail bed, represents an extension color that is excellent for French nails or as a full color on its own, it gives the nail an elegant and natural look. Flexi as flexible: Extremely flexible, bendable gel polish. Builder: With the Flexi Builder Nude gel polish, you can replace the broken nail corner on the template and add up to 3-5 mm to the natural nail. Its dense texture enables the nail plate to be raised (building a C-curve). Nude, as a base and as a color: It forms a thick base, so the nail is less vulnerable, thus ensuring a more durable wear. It provides a homogeneous nude color base if you want to cover the nail with additional color. Characteristics - nude nail bed color - non-yellowing - removable - flexible - dense - needs to be fixed UV: 2 min LED: 30 sec CCFL: 50 sec

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