Nourishing blend to soothe dry and dehydrated skin Rehydrating blend that intensively replenishes skin Leaves face feeling smooth, supple, and the complexion restored Update your aromatherapy oil blends with the excellent Kaeso face and body blends range. The Kaeso hydrating face blend is an expert nourishing complex which helps to replenish and soothe dry and dehydrated skin. Restore your clients’ complexion with this luxurious oil blend as it intensively replenishes the skin. Not only will your client enjoy the replenishing aroma, but their skin will be left feeling smooth and supple. This excellent rebalancing complex is a must have boost for clients with dry skin. The Kaeso range includes a calming, mature boost and rebalancing face blend. Kaeso have also devised excellent body blends of detox, relax and revive.

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