High-level product for hygiene, cleaning and disinfection. Special for professional utensils, barbershops and beauty salons. Features: - Detergent action. - Spread spectrum. - Biodegradable. - Without phosphates. Limoseptol is a direct contact surface detergent-disinfectant, specific for critical areas or areas with high infective risk. Due to its balanced formula, consisting of an association of glyoxal, glutaraldehyde and a cationic agent, it constitutes a true alternative, not only effective but also more environmentally friendly, to traditional formalin-based trialdehyde disinfectants. It does not produce corrosion on any type of material. At the recommended doses of use (0.5% - 1%) it does not produce odors or bothersome fumes, leaving the surfaces clean, shiny and completely disinfected.

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